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MLIB™ - Major League Internet Baseball
"In our amazing 7th season, 2nd using Season Ticket Baseball"
Welcome to the Home of MLIB. The league where you not only manage the team but own the team and call all the shots.  Draft the players, sign free agents, hire an on-field presence and shoot for the World Series.

League Date
June 16
th, 2003

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The Greek's Analysis of MLIB Teams

Now that the season is into the middle of June the The Greek has decided to post the Strengths and Weaknesses of each team.  These are analysis are in the form of the areas teams need to improve and areas where the team is strong or doing well.  This week it is on the Active Roster with next week focusing in on the Minor Leagues and Coaching Staffs.  (Click for Analysis)

Tribune Looking For Capable Writers

        As summer approaches, I look forward to getting up each morning and being able to leisurely read the sports page without having to wonder if I need to study for calculus or finish writing a term paper. For my MLIB friends out there, I want you to look forward to turning on your computer and checking out the MLIB web site.

          Many owners choose to simply run through their players' stats after the simming and before the simming for setting lineups (if that). I would like this to change. I have an idea that people would look on the site and see articles for key matchups of the week, rumor mills, and articles "written" by MLIB players.   However, before this can happen, I need help.  I would be looking for a few good beat writers.  We have a great edit staff all we need is people with great ideas and get them on paper.   The more people sign up or people are willing to write more than once a month, we could really have a blast with this.  When I interviewed commissioner Mike Rogozynski he said, "That's a fabulous idea,  I will support the idea 110% and I will personally make a commitment that any articles sent to me before 8pm every night will be posted that night ready for viewing the next morning.  I will also make the commitment to being a member of the editorial staff.  John's got a great idea let's carry this through, the owners and the league will be the benefactors."

If there is any interest, email me or give me an instant message. Thanks and rock on.

John Murphy-Editor MLIB Tribune

Owners Speak Out!
     This is a little column where owners can have their say.  The can say what is on their mind, including predictions, analysis and much much more. (Check it Out)


1978 will be the year of the veteran draft.  Enjoy and study your prospects, your future could be part of this endeavor


Key League News

Monday 6/16/2003
  Ohio's Dimaggio wins Player of the Week award
  Ivan Rodriguez wins his 1st Player of the Week award. American League pitchers couldn't figure out how to retire this guy all week long. Ivan was on fire, hitting .417 with 4 HR and 9 RBI. While compiling an on base percentage of .341, Ivan hit .313 and slugged .657.  He has collected 56 runs batted in this year. He's 4th in the American League in batting, 1st in homeruns and 2nd in RBI! The Player of the Week award in the National League goes to Ohio's Joe Dimaggio this time, as the centerfielder displayed the best offensive performance in his league. He had an on base percentage of .500 and hit .476, while driving in 12 runs. This year Dimaggio drove in 51 and scored 41 runs while batting .271 with 13 long balls.

Sunday 6/15/2003
  Greg Maddux pitches 2-hit shutout against Huntington
  TORONTO - Greg Maddux took the mound and never left. And Huntington The bid for a no-hitter was broken up when Elston Howard singled with two outs in the 5th inning. 'Well, the ball went where I wanted it. I was able to hit the corners with all of my pitches.' Maddux (9-0) struck out 8 and walked none, throwing 76 of 119 pitches for strikes. Mel Ott provided Toronto with the offense Maddux needed as he finished 1 for 3, homering once, scoring 2 runs. Toronto scored 4 runs on 9 hits.

Who's on First?
with John Murphy

Hello again and welcome to another day of Who's on First. Today I would like to welcome the owner of the New Jersey Springboks, Mike Maciag. Good morning, Mike.

Mike Maciag: Hey, glad to be here.

John Murphy: To start off, what are your goals for the next couple seasons?

Mike Maciag: To make it deep into the playoffs. I don't expect to make it into the World Series,  but I would like to go deep soon.

John Murphy: What is preventing you from meeting your goals?

Mike Maciag: Underperforming players and inconsistent pitching

John Murphy: If you had the opportunity, what would you change about MLIB? (more..)