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Calgary Cannons

All players request a one year deal after which you can discuss with them the possibility of an extension.  You must sign 20 of these players to a contract. Players will not take a smaller contract than they are asking for.  Also all players will only select a 1 year deal as an initial contract so don't offer more.

Player  Contract
Earl Averill 1,080,000
Darryll Badden 1,728,000
Rich Bordi 432,000
Roger Bresnahan 1,080,000
Bill Burns 2,160,000
Jack Dilauro 648,000
Joe Dimagoso 1,152,000
Leon Durham 1,094,400
Dwight Gooden 2,160,000
Johnny Hodapp 1,800,000
Joe Hoerner 696,600
Ken Holtzman 3,060,000
Cleon Jones 432,000
Randy Knorr 345,600
Jerry Koosman 2,160,000
Sandy Koufax 4,000,000
Howie Krist 864,000
Chet Laabs 1,080,000
Tony Lupien 345,600
Edgar Martinez 2,880,000
Gene Nelson 1,015,200
John Olerud 2,304,000
Jake Orosc 810,000
Mel Otter 1,641,600
Mickey Owne 252,000
Joe Sewell 432,000
Ray Starr 2,448,000