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Cros-lex Pioneers

All players request a one year deal after which you can discuss with them the possibility of an extension.  You must sign 20 of these players to a contract. Players will not take a smaller contract than they are asking for.  Also all players will only select a 1 year deal as an initial contract so don't offer more.

Player  Contract
Reggie Clemens 2,160,000
Dan Driessen 604,800
Rollie Fingers 810,000
Wilbur Good 252,000
Hank Gornicki 2,160,000
Bruce Howard 2,736,000
Charlie Kell 1,094,400
Chuck Kells 864,000
Clay Kirby 288,000
Don Kalloway 345,600
Christy Mathews 3,600,000
George McQuillan 2,160,000
Kevin Mitchell 648,000
Ray Morehart 151,200
Bobby Ojea 3,060,000
Jesse Orosco 675,000
Barney Pelty 3,600,000
Jack Pfiester 2,160,000
Adolfo Phillips 604,800
Swede Risberg 252,000
Vic Saier 460,800
Monk Sherlock 432,000
Vern Stepson 604,800
Darryl Strawberry 1,152,000
Arky Vaughanings 252,000
George Watkins 1,728,000
Walt Weiss 288,000
Glenn Wright 1,800,000