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New Jersey Springboks

All players request a one year deal after which you can discuss with them the possibility of an extension.  You must sign 20 of these players to a contract. Players will not take a smaller contract than they are asking for.  Also all players will only select a 1 year deal as an initial contract so don't offer more.

Player  Contract
Joe Adcock 1,080,000
Dick Allen 2,016,000
Dave Boswell 1,512,000
Paul Cassanova 216,000
Wayne Causey Minor League Deal
Jaimie Cocanower 2,160,000
Tommy Davis 576,000
Hank Fischer Minor League Deal
Bob Gibson 3,600,000
Kirk Gibson 1,368,000
Tom Haller 1,080,000
Steve Hamilton 1,080,000
Ron Hunt 374,400
Don Hurst 1,080,000
Grant Jackson 648,000
Pat Jarvis 2,160,000
Deron Johnson 720,000
Eddie Matthews 561,600
Jim Merritt 1,836,000
Manny Mota 806,400
Fritz Peterson 1,836,000
Horacio Pina 1,080,000
Rick Reichardt 648,000
Pete Richert 1,728,000
Ron Santo 1,440,000
Art Shamsky 820,800
Duke Sims 432,000
Tris Speaks 1,080,000
Willie Stargell 2,016,000
Wes Stock 1,080,000
Dooley Womack 648,000