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Texas Thundering Herd

All players request a one year deal after which you can discuss with them the possibility of an extension.  You must sign 20 of these players to a contract. Players will not take a smaller contract than they are asking for.  Also all players will only select a 1 year deal as an initial contract so don't offer more.

Player  Contract
Sandy Alomar 1,368,000
Frank Baker 1,152,000
Fred Beebe 720,000
Max Carey 1,296,000
Norm Cash 1,008,000
Earle Combs 1,080,000
Bill Donovan 3,600,000
Johnny Frederick 864,000
Frankie Frisch 2,592,000
Tex Hughson 2,880,000
Travis Jackson 2,160,000
Jackie Jensen 1,800,000
Walter Johnson 3,600,000
Pete Ladd 696,600
Chet Lemon 1,368,000
Hans Lobert 576,000
Robert McDowell 696,600
Clyde Milan 720,000
Hack Miller 820,800
Pat Moran 252,000
Buck O'Brien 2,052,000
Rube Oldring 576,000
Babe Phelps 1,080,000
Ed Reulbach 2,880,000
Minnie Rojas 557,300
Red Ruffingso 2,570,400
Hoyt Wilhelm 1,296,000
Kaiser Wilhelm 2,880,000
Ted Williams 2,160,000
Joseph Woods 2,880,000